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Bespoke Storage: Do Built in Wardrobes Add Value To A Property?

Discover how custom joinery and built in wardrobes can elevate your home's market value. This guide highlights effective storage solutions for maximising space and appeal in the UK property market.

Bespoke Built In Wardrobe

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January 11, 2024

Unlocking Hidden Value: Clever Storage for Homeowners

In the competitive UK real estate market, maximising property value is key. While aesthetics are important, the power of clever storage is often underestimated in enhancing a home's appeal and resale price. Let's dive deeper into how built in wardrobes add value to a property.

The Power of Clever Storage

Ample storage is a practical necessity and a crucial factor in a home's marketability. Clutter detracts from appeal, creating an uninviting atmosphere. Well-designed storage transforms a home, creating an organised space that is desirable to buyers.

The Significance of Hidden Storage

Traditional storage options, like cabinets and closets, can limit livability. Clever storage maximises space by using hidden compartments in underutilised areas like under staircases, alcoves, and unused room corners.

Custom Joinery: A Bespoke Solution

Custom joinery offers tailored storage solutions. It ensures seamless integration, maximises space utilisation, offers functionality and customisation, and promises durability. Key areas for bespoke storage include:

  1. Under Staircases: Utilising this often-wasted space for drawers or cabinets.

  2. Alcoves and Nooks: Perfect for built-in shelves or cupboards, especially in living rooms or bedrooms.

  3. Above Door Frames: High shelving in this underutilised space.

  4. Window Seats with Storage: Dual-purpose seating and storage, particularly in living rooms or bedrooms.

  5. Kitchen and Bathroom: Customised cabinets and shelving to fit unique layouts and maximise utility.

Each of these areas can be transformed into practical, aesthetically pleasing storage spaces through skilled carpentry, significantly enhancing the functionality and appeal of the home.

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Cost-Effective and High-Return Investment

While custom joinery initially seems expensive, it significantly increases resale value, sometimes by up to 20%. Well-designed custom storage solutions can be a substantial return on investment. Let's take a look at different costs for a variety of bespoke storage solutions.

  1. Fitted Wardrobes: Prices for bespoke fitted wardrobes can start from £2500 + VAT for a basic three-door design using melamine faced furniture panels and vinyl wrapped doors. More elaborate designs or larger sizes can cost upwards of £3700 + VAT.

  2. Sliding Wardrobes: A two-door sliding wardrobe with a basic interior layout can start from around £1750 + VAT, while larger three-door designs can begin at about £3000 + VAT.

  3. Alcove Units: For a two-door bespoke fitted alcove unit with floating shelves, prices can start from £1500 + VAT for an unfinished unit, and from £2500 + VAT for a pre-finished unit. Larger alcove units, such as those fitted on either side of a chimney breast, can start from £5000 + VAT for a pre-finished design.

  4. Edinburgh Press Units: A bespoke fitted Edinburgh press shelving unit can cost from £750 + VAT unfinished, and from £1100 + VAT pre-finished. If it includes lower cabinet doors, the starting price is about £900 + VAT for an unfinished unit and £1500 + VAT for a pre-finished one.

  5. General Carpentry Rates: The average hourly rate for a carpenter in the UK is around £37.50. The day rate is approximately £300. These rates can vary based on the carpenter's expertise and the specific nature of the work required.

Real Estate Statistics: The Impact of Clever Storage

Effective storage solutions, like lofts or adapted basements, often attract higher market values. Homes with integrated garages can see up to 20% higher prices. Non-invasive storage solutions that maintain the property's square footage are especially valuable. The perception of ample storage can positively influence buyer attitudes and sale prices. Homes with superior storage sell faster and may command higher prices.

Conclusion: Do built-in wardrobes add value to a property?

Incorporating clever storage solutions, particularly through custom joinery, is a versatile way to enhance home value. By maximising space and improving market appeal, it can significantly increase the resale value of a property.

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