How 4walls sells your home

Transparent, quick communication and all the tools to manage your sale.

Free Valuation

Type in your address and select a time to talk that’s convenient for you. Our expert agents will then use multiple data points to develop the guide price before discussing it on the call. To get the quickest final valuation, we ask for a video call so you can guide us through your home with visuals. If this is not possible, we wait for the professional photos before confirming the final valuation.

Free Valuation
Create and manage your listing

Create and manage your listing

Once you have the valuation, you can start creating your listing. Our platform is intuitive and easy to use, we've added insights and an auto-description tool to help you market your property like a pro. Once you’re live, It's easy to manage all aspects of your listing with the 4walls app: communicate directly with your prospective buyers, manage your viewings, edit your listing in real-time, access industry leading insights and communicate with the team when you need us. In the modern age, this is the best way to sell your home

Accepting an offer

With any offer, you have the ability to accept, reject or counter. Once you accept an offer, our team and the buyer will be notified. We'll then collect the necessary confirmations from the buyer before marking the property as under offer.

Accepting an offer
Verifying the buyer

Verifying the buyer

We verify your buyer using third-party industry leading anti-money laundering and proof of funds tool. Making it quick and easy to validate them before accepting an offer. Once they've been verified, we pass on the memorandum of sale to the solicitors to complete the house sale.

Completing the sale

The paperwork has been completed and you're ready to exchange. Your solicitor will inform you once the funds are to be transferred. You can then plan a time to exchange keys, the communication hub will be open throughout to make any arrangement easy. Talk to the team and find out the best way to sell your home today.

Completing the sale


Really simple and user friendly interface. It flows well and makes the process easy


Quick and easy to use, would highly recommend using this app.


Had such a great experience using 4walls, it’s a simple to use but without lacking key information about the properties I was interested in.


One of the most user-friendly apps around. Very straight forward to navigate and I would definitely consider selling my house on this platform.


4walls is incredibly easy to use. Me and my partner had everything sorted within minutes and it filled us with confidence for our property sale. Would strongly recommend.


The app itself was very intuitive and easy to use and was surprised how quickly I was up and running. Selling your house somewhat yourself can seem intimidating but though 4walls I felt supported and confident all of the way


Next-generation property sales, they give you an easy app based workflow so that you can manage your own sale.


It was great service, just what I required....I think this is the future of property sales for a fraction of the price a high street agent would charge.

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