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Boosting Your Property's Worth: The Top 5 Ways to Add Most Value to a House in the UK

Discover the key to enhancing your house value in the UK with our guide to the top 5 trends in 2024. From irresistible kerb appeal and sought-after bathrooms to versatile garden rooms, impactful paint choices, and stunning new kitchens.

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January 2, 2024

Unlock the secrets to maximising your property's value in the UK this year with our breakdown of the top 5 strategies. From kerb appeal to transformative bathrooms, garden rooms, the power of paint, and a stunning new kitchen, we reveal the trends that can make your house more desirable and sellable. Stay tuned as we share the one trend that's reshaping the market.

1. Kerb Appeal: Make Your House Stand Out from the Start

Your front door is a powerful marketing tool. In 2024, small details matter. Don't lose your competitive edge – enhance your kerb appeal. Learn how to smarten up your front door and make your house unforgettable. Click here for practical tips in our video.

2. Bathrooms: The Deal-Breaking Upgrade

Buyers crave convenience, and a downstairs toilet is the number one home improvement they seek. An ensuite bathroom follows closely behind. Adding a downstairs bathroom can boost your home's value by 5%. Explore inspiring bathroom styles for every space here. Don't miss our bathroom video for more ideas.

3. Garden Rooms: Versatile Spaces for Modern Living

The flexi-working trend has catalysed the demand for garden rooms. These separate annexes are versatile, serving as home offices or gyms. Square footage is key to rising house prices, and a cost-effective solution is a flat-package service priced between £10-15K for installation with foundations.

4. Paint: Elevate Your Rooms with Colour

Discover the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to make your rooms stand out – paint. Lighter colours, especially white, are proven to increase house prices. Dive into our top tips for paint colours that increase value and explore shades that suit each room's unique lighting (link).

5. A New Kitchen: The Heart of Your Home's Value

A modern family's centrepiece, a new kitchen is a showstopper that can sell a house on its own. Ranked third in rated people's 'home improvements buyers are looking for,' a new kitchen can increase your home's value by a staggering 10%. Explore the layout, cabinets, storage, worktops, lighting, flooring, and tiling in detail before making the decision on what improvements to make and which type of kitchen to fit.

All of these are talking points when selling your own home. It's important to walk the buyer through house improvements and make them desire them. If you want to know more about selling your own home, look no further than 4walls.

Conclusion: Stand Out, Sell Well

In 2024, buyers will prioritise ensuite bathrooms and toilets. However, new kitchens, garden rooms, kerb appeal, and paint all contribute to a more sellable home. Ensure your house stands out, aligning with current trends and making it an irresistible choice in the market. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add the most value to your house in the UK.

Click to find some additional tips on making your house more sellable before your first viewing.

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