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Unlock the Secret to Elevated Home Value: Best Interior Paint Colours for Selling a House

Boost your home's value effortlessly with the best interior paint colors for selling. From timeless whites to trending neutrals, our guide has you covered. Transform your space and captivate buyers.

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November 27, 2023

Are you ready to transform your home and increase its value effortlessly? The answer might just be a fresh coat of paint. Join us as we delve into the world of interior paint colours, exploring the trends and timeless shades that can turn your property into a buyer's dream. Stick around until the end, and we'll reveal the latest paint trend that's capturing everyone's attention.

The first rule of thumb when it comes to selecting the best interior paint colour for selling a house is to keep an eye on the trends. Design magazines and reputable paint brands release their annual colour palettes, providing a foolproof guide for those looking to create a stylish and trendy home for potential buyers. For a comprehensive look at this year's colour trends, check out Homes and Gardens.

Now, let's get down to brass tacks and explore the colours that are a surefire way to increase your house price:

White: The Timeless Elegance

Yes, white might seem like a safe choice, but it's a classic for a reason. White creates the illusion of more space, and larger rooms often translate to a higher house price. Ever wondered why new builds are predominantly white? Now you know. The versatility of white extends to its numerous shades, each complementing different lighting conditions. Dive deeper into the play of light and shades. P.S. Classic white registers a staggering 900,000 searches a year on Google, surpassing any other paint colour (Source).

What's In This Year: Beige, Shades of Green, and Taupe

Beige is back, and it's joined by various shades of green and taupe. These neutral tones make up the top 15 shades people are opting for in 2024.

Avoid Going Bold

While bold colours and big statements may feel enticing, they don't necessarily add up to an increase in house price. Remember, you can always repaint when you sell. #YOLO

Paint Finish Matters

According to experts, the finish you choose matters. Opt for matte paint for your walls, flat white for ceilings, and a satin finish for trimmings and mouldings throughout your home.

Other Popular Colours: Blue and Grey

Blue, especially in kitchens, and grey are gaining popularity. Use grey for darkening rooms where white might not be the ideal choice.

For more insights into popular colours, check out SheerLuxe.

The Current Craze: Colour Drenching

One of the biggest trends right now is colour drenching. This involves painting everything in a room the same colour, from skirting and radiators to cabinets. While there are various ways to execute this trend, it's crucial to consider the space and light in your home. Explore ideas from fancy paint brands in our showcase.

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In summary, when aiming to increase your house's value through paint, keep these tips in mind: choose white for timeless elegance, opt for neutrals like beige, green, and taupe for current trends, avoid bold colours, pay attention to paint finishes, and consider the trending technique of colour drenching.

White, don't go bold, 50 shades of beige, paint finish matters, blue, grey, and colour drenching – these are the best ways to enhance your house's value through paint. Happy painting!

The exterior of your home serves as a gateway to its interior, presenting a prime opportunity to impress potential buyers. Learn how to enhance your home's kerb appeal with our expert tips and make that crucial first impression truly unforgettable.

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