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5 Luxury Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Property in 2024

Discover the top 5 luxury home improvements of 2024 that not only elevate your lifestyle but also add value to your property. From personal saunas to dog showers, outdoor kitchens and garden rooms.ts,

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January 15, 2024

Are you considering luxury home improvements that not only elevate your living space but also add significant value to your property? In this article, we unveil the top 5 luxury items homeowners are coveting in 2024. From saunas to dog showers, outdoor kitchens, air conditioning, and garden rooms, we explore each trend and reveal which investments can potentially increase your home's worth.

1. Sauna Serenity: Unwind in Nordic Luxury

Imagine having a personal sauna right in the comfort of your home. According to a rated people homeowner survey, the average budget for a home sauna is £16,000. However, savvy homeowners can find flat-pack options online for a more budget-friendly £2-3,000. Assemble it yourself and add some plants and decorations for around £750, and you could have a stylish sauna for £3,000. Will this unique addition be the key to making your home more valuable? Let's find out.

2. Pamper Your Pooch: The Dog Shower Extravaganza

For pet owners, the latest trend is a dedicated dog shower. With a surge in pet ownership, this luxury addition is catching on. Costs vary depending on the level of pampering your furry friend needs, ranging from £1,000 to £6,000. If you have ample space near your front or rear door, a dog shower could be an attractive feature when it comes time to sell. Learn more about the costs and benefits from our sources: Checkatrade and Houzz.

3. Alfresco Elegance: Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment Area

With British summers getting hotter, outdoor spaces are becoming more desirable. Transform your garden into a stunning outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. This trend is on the rise, and a bespoke option could cost between £10-15,000. For the best results, consider hiring a specialist team to ensure a valuable addition to your home. Find out more about outdoor kitchen options at All About Outdoor Living.

4. Cool Comfort: Air Conditioning Extravaganza

While air conditioning may feel a bit excessive in the UK, it's still a consideration for many homeowners. The estimated cost for a one-room installation is around £2,000, with ongoing energy bills to factor in. However, with a hefty price tag of £13,000 for a deluxe system, is this a luxury renovation worth the investment? Explore more details on air conditioner installation costs at Checkatrade.

5. Versatile Escape: Garden Room/Office Retreat

As we navigate the changing landscape of work and home life, the desire for a separate annex, such as a garden room or office, is on the rise. While the costs aren't modest, ranging from £10-15,000 for installation with foundations, the additional square footage can significantly boost your home's value. Discover why a garden room might be the ultimate luxury investment for 2024.

All of these are talking points when selling your own home. It's important to walk the buyer through the luxury items and make them desire them. If you want to know more about selling your own home, look no further than 4walls.

Conclusion: Investing in Luxury for Value

Now that we've explored these five luxury home improvements, which ones are likely to provide a return on investment and enhance your property's value?

  1. Garden Room: Highly desired and economically feasible in 2024.

  2. Dog Shower: A unique selling point, but costs should be kept reasonable.

  3. Outdoor Kitchen: A potential showstopper if done right.

  4. Sauna: A real differentiator for the right buyer.

  5. Air Conditioning: Unlikely to yield a significant return on investment.

Remember, align these luxury additions with your home's style for true value enhancement.

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