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Sell A House Without An Estate Agent Guide - 4walls

4walls' easy guide on how to sell a house without estate agent. We cover all the different stages including valuing, listing, viewings, negotiations and exchange

Sell Your Own Home Platform Overview

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October 4, 2023

How do you sell a house without an estate agent in the UK? With our platform, 4walls makes it super easy to sell your home without the need to hire an estate agent. After all, we believe that nobody can sell their home better than the owner.

If you have come here to find out how you can sell your house without an estate agent, you’re in the right place. At 4walls we have made it happen.

No more lack of transparency with the sale; no more astronomical fees. Instead, a platform you can trust, is intuitive and easy to use that enables you to sell your house without an estate agent.

So, you may be wondering: How is it possible to sell my house without an estate agent? Well, let's dive into our process.

Find out how to make your house more sellable

Step One - We offer a Free Valuation Service

First up is the valuation. A crucial part of any house sale. Our team of expert advisors uses tools that measure 24 billion data points and 32 million UK houses, so we can get an accurate understanding of your home. Including house type, sales history, internal and external plot size, EPC rating and many more comparable’s.

We then cross-reference this data with similar houses in the area. Taking into consideration recently sold, currently for sale and aggregated price fluctuations for the area.

Once we feel confident in our estimate, we’ll call at the designated time you have selected and get additional insight so we can get the most accurate price for your home. This is a crucial stage; we want to hear from you about the house and the area. Your expectations and reservations We would ideally ask for a video call to go through this. If not, we can wait for the professional photographer's photos before confirming the final valuation.

This is the point where our property experts get most involved in the process of selling your house. Once the valuation is approved we leave it to the selling experts, you.

Step Two - Create A Listing For Your Flat or House

Once you are happy with the valuation we provide, you can then set up your listing in a few easy steps via the 4walls app.

Login to the app, select seller, and then create a listing. This will start the process of selling your home without an estate agent. You can then easily navigate the listing creation process.

At this point, you will be asked for the property type and essential details about the house you wish to sell. We then use one of our magical tools to create your description. Instead of an estate agent creating your description, the platform does this for you.

All we ask for is between 3-5 bullet points of the most impressive features of your house. Looking for inspiration? No worries; hit the insights button (top right). Once you’ve told us your best house features, hit next, and we’ll do the rest.

Next up, magic. Your description has been created without an estate agent. One of those easy ways we make it possible to sell your house without an estate agent.

We then make your property stand out from the rest with our marketing package, which includes elevated professional photos and a floor plan.

Once your property listing is live, you can access the necessary tools to help sell the property through our portal. Selling a house is made even quicker and simpler with these great features and tools:

  • Edit in real time: You can edit your listing in real time. Need to adjust the description or change the photo order? Simply edit the listing and it will automatically update on your Zoopla, Rightmove and Prime location listings.

  • Qualify your buyer: Each buyer is asked a few qualifying questions, you can then see if they are a cash buyer, etc before accepting their viewing request

  • Manage all your viewings in one place: Scroll to my appointments on the home page to see all of your appointments. Easily see who’s visiting and when.

  • Messaging Hub: Once you’ve accepted a viewing request, you can communicate directly with your buyer.

  • The Virtual Estate Agent is a chat feature that will answer buyers FAQs to speed up communication. There's no need to answer questions like ‘Where’s the nearest station or school?’

  • Documents: We store all your documents in one place, so whenever we ask for anything, we’ll ask you to upload it here. It’ll make it super easy for you and our agents to access, so nothing gets lost in an email chain.

Three - Manage Your Viewings

We leave the viewings to you. The expert in any home is the home owner. We passionately believe the best person to show and sell their house is you. After all, you live in it, you know the area and all the best features in the house. All our tools make this stress-free to organise; everything is done through the easy-to-navigate app.

We’re here to help, however.

Check our our guide to how to make your house fell luxurious for your viewings

This may be your first time selling without an estate agent. It may also be the first time you've hosted the viewings. That’s why our team of property experts are here to help. Reach out whenever you need us.

Four - Negotiations, Offers and The Sale

You may be thinking that if I’m selling my house without an estate agent, who’s accepting the offers I receive?

This is super simple to navigate. Just head to our offers tab where you’ll be able to manage everything without an estate agent.

You can counter, reject and accept offers using the special negotiation tool. Every decision gives the buyer the choice to include a note explaining your reason.

Accepting an offer: With any offer, you have the ability to accept, reject or counter. Once you accept an offer, our team and the buyer will be notified. We'll then collect the necessary confirmations before marking the property as under offer.

Verifying the buyer: We do full anti money laundering checks to validate any buyer before confirming the offer.

Exchange: Congratulations! The paperwork has been completed and you're ready to exchange. Your solicitor will inform you once the funds have been successfully transferred. You can then plan a time to exchange keys; the communication hub will be open throughout to make any arrangement easy.

At any point you need us, our team of property experts is here to help. We know the process of selling without an estate agent may be new to you, so when you need us we’re here to offer guidance.

So, if you are looking to sell a house without an estate agent, we can help. Contact 4walls today. We’ve designed our app to be intuitive and easy to use, so we know you’ll find the process so much faster and more transparent than the traditional way.

We can’t wait to sell your house, without an estate agent 😁!


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