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IKEA Accessorising: Transform Flatpack Finds into Home-Selling Gold!

Upgrade your IKEA furniture, impress buyers & potentially increase your home's value! Discover DIY hacks, UK brands, & expert tips to unlock the hidden potential of your IKEA finds.

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February 22, 2024

Selling your house? Feeling the pressure to compete with perfectly manicured show homes, all boasting designer furniture and eye-watering price tags? Well, hold onto your Allen keys, IKEA lovers, because this blog post is about to reveal your secret weapon: the power of accessorised IKEA furniture!

Yes, you read that right. Those ubiquitous BILLY bookcases and KALLAX shelving units you know and love can be transformed from "budget-friendly basics" into show-stopping design elements that wow potential buyers and potentially boost your home's value. Don't believe us? Here's the data to back it up:

  • The UK House Price Index: As of January 2024, the average UK house price sits at £372,973. Investing even a fraction of that in strategic IKEA upgrades could yield a significant return.

  • Which? Survey: 72% of UK homeowners believe well-presented homes sell faster and for more money. Personalised IKEA pieces can add that unique touch that grabs buyers' attention.

But how, you ask? Buckle up, design enthusiasts, because we're diving into the world of IKEA alchemy!

Ikea Accessorising 101

Forget bland basics! Here are some amazing UK brands to help you customise your IKEA furniture:

  • Superfronts: Ditch the stock doors and drawer fronts for sleek replacements, crafted specifically for IKEA units. Hello, high-end kitchen vibes!

  • Husk: Elevate your furniture with solid wood legs and bases, adding a touch of Scandinavian sophistication. Your BILLY will thank you!

  • Pretty Little Designs: Swap those generic knobs for stylish handles and hardware that inject personality and pzazz.

  • Nkuku: Add warmth, texture, and a touch of the exotic with beautiful baskets, throws, and other soft furnishings. Your IKEA finds will never look so good!

Feeling crafty? DIY like a pro with these ideas:

  • Paint it bold: Give your furniture a fresh lease on life with a pop of colour or a trendy geometric pattern. Think jewel tones or calming pastels.

  • Wallpaper magic: Line the backs of shelves or drawers with patterned wallpaper for a peek-a-boo surprise that adds personality.

  • Tile it up: Add a splash of personality with mosaic tiles on countertops, backsplashes, or even tabletops. Think Moroccan patterns or subway chic.

  • Greenery galore: Liven up your space with indoor plants displayed on stylish IKEA shelves or stands. Breathe life and freshness into your home.

Now, let's talk wow factor:

  • Entryway enchantment: Transform a basic IKEA console with paint, new hardware, and stylish baskets for storing essentials. Add a mirror and some greenery for a welcoming first impression.

  • Kitchen magic: Swap out cabinet doors for sleek alternatives add a patterned backsplash, and upgrade hardware for an instantly more high-end feel. Your buyers will be swooning!

  • Living room luxury: Dress up your BILLY bookcases with decorative objects, artwork, and curated book collections. Add throws and cushions in luxurious fabrics for extra comfort and visual appeal. Create a space that screams "relax and unwind."


  • Quality over quantity: Choose a few, high-quality accessories that make a statement. Don't go overboard!

  • Functionality first: Ensure your customisations don't hinder storage or usability. After all, form follows function.

  • Cohesive flow: Maintain a consistent design theme throughout your space for a polished look. Don't let your BILLY clash with your KALLAX!

Kitchen reno on a budget in the UK? Don't sweat it! Take a look at our budget-friendly tips to transform your kitchen & unlock hidden value for your 2024 sale.

Cost Considerations

The beauty of this approach is that it's relatively affordable compared to buying entirely new furniture. However, the final cost depends on various factors:

  • Customisation level: Bespoke doors will cost more than off-the-shelf options. Consider your desired level of personalisation and shop around for competitive prices.

  • Material choices: Solid wood legs are pricier than plastic ones. Choose materials that complement your design aesthetic and budget.

  • DIY vs. professional installation: Tackle smaller projects yourself. For complex jobs, consider professional help to ensure quality and safety.

  • Bulk discounts: Some brands offer discounts for buying multiple items, so consider revamping several pieces at once for added savings.

Remember: You can always start small and scale up as your budget allows. Upgrading cabinet hardware or adding a patterned backsplash can make a significant visual impact without breaking the bank.

Investment with High Returns: While the exact increase in your home's value is tricky to predict, here are some indicators suggesting a positive ROI:

Recent market trends: Research your local area and see the houses that look the same on the outside (or have a similar layout) but have that wow factor in the inside. Then look at the difference in the valuation or sold price. It will give you an indication of how much your house price can increase by making it stand out from the rest.

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