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How To Make Your House Look Expensive Without a Huge Cost

Discover five high-quality finishing touches that will give your living space a luxurious and expensive look

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June 1, 2023

It's not always necessary to spend a lot of money to make your house look expensive . You can improve your living space's look and feel on a budget by making a few thoughtful additions. This blog post will discuss five high-quality finishing touches that, without making a sizeable financial commitment, can make your home look expensive and stylish. Let's jump into the 4walls insights.

Include greenery: Indoor plants have the amazing ability to bring life and a sense of freshness to any space. Low-maintenance houseplants can be used to introduce a luxurious natural element. Look for plant species that can survive indoors and need little maintenance. Greenery will instantly improve the mood and give the space a more upscale feel.

Accessorise Your IKEA Cabinets and Furniture: If you have inexpensive IKEA cabinets and furniture, don't discount their ability to be transformed into something opulent. These items can be enhanced with a variety of accessories to transform them from basic to high-end. Consider options like handles, hangers, brackets, frames, sideboards, cushions, throws, hooks and panelling. Numerous accessories are available on websites like Custom Fronts, Superfront, Husk, and Koak that can help make your home stand out and feel high end.

Coving for ceilings and panelling

Adding texture to your walls can instantly improve their appearance and give your house a more upscale feel. Think about adding panelling to special rooms or adding coving to ceilings. These additions not only give the space more personality, but they also help hide flaws and produce a refined ambiance reminiscent of traditional and period-style homes.  It’s worth taking a look at the different options and getting a sense for which rooms this could work best for in your house or flat.

Painting Using the Farrow and Ball Colour Palette.

Painting is a simple yet elegant way to increase the value and style of any home. Farrow and ball pride themselves on choosing luxurious & stylish paint, there colours are able to completely change the look of any space. For suggestions on what colours would look best throughout your home, visit their website's inspiration gallery and blog. High end paint colours can really help your home stand out and add additional value to the property.

A top tip is to colour match their paint with Layland or other cheaper paint brands. It can save you up to half the price of a Farrow and ball paint pot

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Herringbone tiling and flooring

Herringbone flooring and tiling is a classic and timeless patterns that can enhance the visual appeal of a home. It’s an elegant and distinguishing design feature that often sets you apart from other houses or flats. In addition to this, it is typically hard-wearing and durable, with minimal maintenance needed. It’s increasingly becoming a feature people are searching for more and more, with over 40,000 searches a month on Google and has become a key flooring feature in TikTok design videos.


Giving your home a luxury appearance doesn't have to break the bank. You make your house look expensive without spending a lot of money by incorporating these five high-quality touches: adding greenery, accessorising IKEA furniture, adding coving and panelling, using high-quality paint colours, and choosing herringbone tiling and flooring. Your home will radiate luxury and elegance with a little imagination and attention to detail, impressing you and your visitors alike.

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